“Oftentimes, as you make a judgement, you don’t think about a person and their full set of circumstances. You create an uneducated hypothesis, and close many doors for friendship and opportunities.” – Positive Celeb

Use Positive Judgements as much as possible.

I’ve seen people struggle. People from all backgrounds, careers, and lifestyles.

The length of judgement on others that a person casts can be humiliating. Isn’t it true that it takes a lot more energy to hate than to simply love? Overall, too many people spend their life trying to be better, dress nicer, travel farther, than family and friends.

You can’t be in a competition if you want your family and friends to succeed and shine through, meeting all of their goals.

And usually, when people do succeed, they help those who stood by their side through the thick, thin and down right ugly.

It’s technically in a person’s best interest to be positive, supportive and loving. Unfortunately, there are those who truly do love company.

Judgement has so many requirements, let’s think about what has to happen in order for a person to make a judgement.

What happens in your brain when you make a decision? And how can judgement become dangerous?

As humans we are constantly making judgement calls, on a daily basis. We evaluate situations, we evaluate our friends, most importantly, we evaluate ourselves.

When a person makes an evaluation about who they are as a person, what they like, what they support in politics, and even religion. Then, they evaluate those around them and make connections with new stranger friends based on their own beliefs.

However, it might be a survival mechanism, judgement can also become negative. And when we harshly judge others, or ourselves, we tend to develop negative thought patterns, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, and even internal hatred.

Haven’t you ever been judged unreasonably? It tends to not feel that great when it happens, and it does happen to everyone, good and bad.

It’s time to be aware of judgement and criticism, but to reframe that thought process and fight negative emotions with positive.

Avoiding those who are overly judgemental significantly improves your life. In fact, surrounding yourself with positive people puts you in that zone of “you are what you hang with,” and I would take positive every day.

Ya know, even jumping on social media becomes less toxic because you aren’t constantly jealous of someone’s lifestyle. In turn, you’re able to focus more on improvements within your life, rather than focusing on everybody and their mother.

As it’s said, change happens by taking a chance, and chances don’t happen unless you take action.

Take action and love, understand, educate, most importantly, respect even those who don’t align their beliefs with your beliefs.

We are all different, that’s what makes this world a great place to be alive.

Tell us about a situation where you were bullied in the comments, on Twitter, TikTok or Facebook. Positive Celebrity will be in touch if your story is picked [stay tuned]. And if you’re loving the good vibes, be sure to follow us on social media.

Blessed be.

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